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Tips for Refreshing your Home

3 Tips to Renew and Refresh Your Home and in the Wake of COVID-19

After spending a year cooped up in your home, you probably feel more than ready for a change. Even with the lifting of COVID-19 restrictions allowing you to leave the house more freely, you may be sick of the walls and decor that have been your constant companions. If you find yourself wanting to spruce up your home, you are not alone.

During the pandemic, research shows that many homeowners responded to the changing circumstances by investing in at least one major home project. While some people did this in anticipation of selling their homes and taking advantage of rising house prices, others simply shared your desire to renovate.

Regardless of why, if you’re ready to renew and refresh your home, here are three tips to help you revive your living space.

1. Change Up the Walls

Studies show that colors can affect your mood and performance. For example, blue and green typically have a calming effect. Repainting each room in a new hue may alter how the room feels and can make the space appear brand-new to your senses.

If you want more interesting design options, there is always wallpaper. Unlike the wallpaper of yesteryear, today’s wallpaper can pack quite a wallop as an update — a little wallpaper goes a long way toward brightening and emboldening a space. Modern wallpaper can be found in an array of elegant, aesthetically appealing patterns and textures. You can even order customized designs based on your exact specifications. With peel-and-stick varieties, you’ll see easy application, eliminating the need for messy paste and water, and you can even remove or reposition wallpaper without damaging the wall.

2. Accent Existing Furniture

If you’re short on funds, small touches like new throw pillows in a contrasting color on the sofa are an affordable option that provide a quick transformation and allow you to express your style with minimal effort and expenditure. Swap out your lampshades, or add a few thrifted rugs to the floor. Change out your curtains and blinds, and make the walls less bare with a painting or wall hanging. You could also get a new cover for your couch, or toss an afghan on the back. These are small modifications, but depending on your choices, they will make a room feel cozier and brighter.

3. Declutter Your Home

Removing excess clutter can make a room feel completely different. By throwing away piles of useless material, reorganizing and placing seldom-used items in storage or donating them, you’re essentially opening space in your home. In fact, since heaps of unnecessary stuff can actually induce stress, removing unwanted clutter can do wonders for your psychological health.

If you’re craving a change in environment after being trapped in the same space for so long, take these easy steps now to rejuvenate your home. Actions as simple as clearing out unused objects, redoing your walls or purchasing a couch cover can make a room or your whole home feel like an entirely new place.

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