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Selling When You Have a Pet

How to Stage Your Home Successfully When You Have Pets

You can never tell who is an animal lover, and who is not. When trying to sell your home, it is best to not alienate potential buyers by hiding all traces of your animal friends. We may love them to bits, but a pet may create worry about wear and tear for your prospective buyer. This is especially important because – among other things like updates – staging, when done right, is a great way to increase your home’s appeal. This, in turn, can increase the number of offers and potentially a higher sales price.

Here are some areas you should pay attention to when staging your home, presented by the real estate professionals from The Curtis Team.

Brighten Your Home

House Beautiful notes that a bright home looks welcoming, clean and improves the mood of those living there. To make your home flooded with light, start by washing down your windows. Even a fine layer of dust or oil might disrupt the flow of light and darken your walls. Keep your curtains or shutters open when someone is viewing your home and during an open house. If you notice a dark corner or a room that just does not get much natural light at a certain hour of the day, add lamps or lighting fixtures and make sure you are using the highest wattage applicable.

If your walls are darkening your house but you don’t have the time or energy to paint everything, consider easy to use peel ‘n stick wallpaper. This peel & stick wallpaper is removable, allowing you to replace or reposition the wallpaper without a lot of hassle. There are a lot of modern designs available, so you’re bound to find something that brightens your home and makes it more appealing to buyers.

Declutter and Depersonalize

You are not selling your home to someone else. Instead, you are selling someone their future home and that may mean removing yourself from the equation visibly. That is why Foyr suggests you should depersonalize your home. Remove things that hint at your personal tastes from pet care equipment and food bowls to family pictures to the rooster cookie jar in your kitchen.

Keep things neutral and sparse. If you have extra rooms, bonus bedrooms, or an office, make sure you remove large and / or excessive furniture to show the room’s size. It does not take much to relay the purpose of the room to a potential buyer. It’s also important to declutter the entire home. It not only makes your home look more spacious, but research shows that removing clutter also reduces anxiety, which is good for you and the potential buyer. Removing more of your stuff also allows a viewer to imagine the potential of each space and how they would transform it.

Clean and Neutralize Odors

One huge telling sign of many pet-holding homes is the smell. No matter how many times you change the litter box, it may still have an odor. Or, if you have young or old pets, sometimes accidents happen. Buy an organic odor remover but check online reviews to make sure you’re getting the highest quality product.

You can also mix vinegar and water to create a spray of your own. If you notice, even after cleaning, that there is still a lingering smell, make your own scent-remover by mixing cheap vodka with essential oils. Spray the offending scent, and allow it to dry. If even that does not help, try allowing some baking soda to sit on the affected area before vacuuming.

Once your house smells good, it’s time to start cleaning. Don’t forget to wear a mask. While it may seem unnecessary, masks can prevent you from breathing in chemicals and germs that are stirred up in the air during the cleaning process. Start at the top of your home, and work your way to minimize re-cleaning. Walls and curtains, as well as hanging light fixtures, should be cleaned before you start on tables and flooring.

You certainly do not want your furry friend to inadvertently soil the carpet during a showing, so remove the worry and board them, or just take them for a walk. All things considered, this is a good idea, as you never know which potential home buyers will be animal lovers, and you don’t want to risk losing out on an offer.

Create Curb Appeal

If your home does not look nice from the outside, people may decide to skip your house when going to viewings. It does not take much to create a great curb appeal. A fresh coat of paint can go a long way to brightening and revitalizing your home. Don’t ignore the trim, either. Keep things in a neutral color scheme, no matter how much you love blue or green. If you want to add color and liven things up a bit, plant flowers instead. They can make your home seem welcoming and leave your home standing out from the crowd. Make sure whatever plants you do have are vibrant.

A brown lawn, or a lawn that has holes in it, thanks to Fido, may make your home seem as if it has fallen into disrepair. Fill any holes and make sure the grass looks healthy, as this will reflect well on the rest of the home. Ensure your garden is neatly trimmed as well.

It may be a lot of work, but it is worth it. Cleaning and properly staging your home can truly make a difference when it comes to selling. We all love our pets, but sometimes it’s best to remove their evidence from the house. Just make sure to make it up to them with toys and treats.

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