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Roof – repair or replace – that is the question?

Should You Replace or Repair Your Roof?

Roofing issues are some of the most expensive problems to deal with in the home. Minor roof concerns, if not properly dealt with, can devastate the rafters, ceilings, walls, insulation, flooring, and foundation. The roof is fundamental to the function and aesthetics of the entire building.

It is never a good idea to avoid or delay repairs on a building’s roof or repair it shoddily to save a few bucks.  As much as you want to save money by avoiding unnecessary costs, the place to cut costs should never be with your roof maintenance warns McCaw Management. Roof problems must be dealt with fully and with urgency.

It’s important to know what roofing issues require repair vs. what issues require replacement.  If you repair a roof when you should be replacing it, the problems will only grow larger. On the other hand, if you replace a roof when a simple fix will do, then you waste money that could be used better elsewhere.

Situations when your roof should be repaired:

·       The damage is minor.

Old Weathered Roof

Every roof will leak at one time or another during the course of its life. That’s the unavoidable consequence of the roof being exposed to the elements and other stresses. Problems that are limited to small areas of the roof usually don’t require the entire roof to be replaced.

·       You are short on cash.

If a roof develops major problems and you cannot afford to replace it immediately, it is acceptable to use a stopgap measure in the short term, but the makeshift solution should not become the permanent solution. Solve the problem by replacing the roof as soon as possible. That will keep the issue from costing you more in the future.

·       You need to preserve the home’s design.

If your roof has a unique architecture that is part of what gives the home its value, replacing it might be difficult. It’s important to find ways to maintain the roof of a classic home without replacing it outright. Just be sure that in trying to preserve the original style of the home you don’t expose the roof to more harm.

·       The timing is wrong.

There is no right time for your roof to have problems, but sometimes issues show up at the most inconvenient time. For instance, you may have a roof replacement scheduled for a later date or you have an important trip planned when the problem suddenly appears. In such instances, the best option is to buy time with a temporary fix.

·       The roof is relatively new.

Unfortunately, even a new roof can have problems. This is often the result of low-quality products, such as substandard shingles or glue. It could also be the outcome of poor installation. Whatever the origin of the problem, you don’t want to replace a roof you just replaced.  In most cases, you are better off repairing it.

Situations when your roof should be replaced:

·       The issues with the roof are constant.

Wow – that’s a neglected roof!

If your roof is always in need of repair, you could save yourself a lot of money and trouble by replacing the entire structure. A roof that is habitually leaking or frequently damaged can cost more than what your monthly payments would be if you took out a loan to replace the structure.

·       The roof has reached the end of its life expectancy.

Roofs are designed to retain their structural integrity for a specific number of years. When that time is reached, the constituent (or use the word integral) materials of the roof will become unstable and the entire structure can fail unexpectedly. If a roof has reached the end of its expected life, even if there are no signs of damage, it should be replaced.

·       The roof is not up-to-code.

If there are regulatory compliance issues with the roof, it will be in your best interest to replace it. For instance, if you have reached the maximum number of times you can overlay old shingles with new ones, the only option left is roof replacement.

·       You had recent storm damage.

Dang tornadoes!

Even if your roof was recently replaced, it’s best to replace it again if it was damaged by a storm.  Sometimes the damage isn’t apparent, but if your neighborhood has been hit by a hurricane or tornado, you should have a roof specialist inspect the roof.

·       You want to update your home’s appearance.

If you are doing a complete overhaul of the home’s exterior, an old roof will look outdated against the walls, siding, and landscaping. To get the most value out of all the upgrades, the roof should be replaced.

If you have concerns about your roof or you aren’t sure whether you need to repair or replace it, the professionals at Charger Roofing will be happy to assist.  They can be reached at (210) 305-7663 or Click this link – Charger Roofing.  They will take a look at it and provide recommendations and a free estimate.

Most of the content of this blog was provided by Michael Walters at McCaw Property Management.

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