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Preparing Your Home for Sale

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The Inside Scoop on Preparing Your Home for Sale

Preparing your home for a successful sale isn’t complicated, but you need to be willing to go the extra mile in some respects, including taking advantage of technology.  You want your home to attract a good offer, and you want it to come quickly.  Here, The Curtis Team explains how you can make that happen.

Be competitive.  In the housing market, you can never go wrong with giving your property a competitive edge.  Become educated on your area before listing your home.  Study the average number of days a home is listed for sale, and learn what the selling trends are like.  It’ll help you determine if changes are needed in your presentation and price point.  With a competitive market, it’s vital to prepare your home for sale before you list it so you can maximize your sale price.  As The Money Pit points out, most home shoppers begin their search online, so you need a great presentation from the start.  Learn what is selling and why, then plan accordingly.

Use tech.  Leverage technology to help sell your home by taking advantage of the latest home-selling apps. If you’ve had the same smartphone for a while and are having difficulty downloading and running apps, it may be time to purchase a newer model. If you perform a trade-in with your old phone, you can save on your new investment. In addition to smoother performance, the latest models have modern camera systems, so you can take your own home photos to post online instead of hiring a professional photographer.

Improve curb appeal.  Boosting your home’s curb appeal is a key to catching buyers’ eyes.  If you aren’t sure where to begin, one suggestion is to take a walk across the road to view your house.  Take a hard look at what you see, and make a game plan.  You should remove anything that detracts from your home’s exterior, such as tree branches that overhang the facade or overgrown shrubbery (tree-trimming services average $250 – $500).  Aim for a landscape that is uncluttered and easy to maintain.  If that means removing some bushes or trees, do so, and don’t leave any traces behind.  Patch the areas with blooming flowers, mulch, or sod.  Also consider if there is a mishmash of styles on your home.  You want a look that is cohesive, not thrown together.The Curtis Team can assist you in this process.

Update bathrooms.  Your bathrooms are of key importance to home buyers.  If your bathroom is outdated, it’s time to invest in a remodel.  HGTV suggests focusing on visual appeal.  That doesn’t necessarily mean you should gut the space.  To get the most bang for your buck, put your money into attractive tiles, pleasing colors, and nice fixtures.  If you can get away with installing a new faucet and lighting to give the room a new look, it’s a great way to go.  Most people can’t discern between a high-end upgrade and an easy refresher, so aim for simple updates whenever possible.  Before deciding what you will do to get your home ready, contact The Curtis Team.

Fresh paint.  Giving your walls a fresh coat of paint can help the home look clean and attractive.  Many homeowners choose paint colors that go with their personal style, but when you’re selling a home, you should avoid personal preferences.  Some professionals note a light, neutral color throughout the home can make the house appear more spacious and unified, and it’s easy for buyers to work with.

Stage rooms.  Even though you still live in the house, you want buyers to envision themselves there.  The best way to do that is to stage your home.  As Bankrate explains, this can be an inexpensive but important part of selling.  Start by decluttering your whole house, reducing rooms to basic pieces of furniture and minimal decor.  Your personal items should be boxed up in anticipation of your move and stored off-site if at all possible.  Then clean your home thoroughly, top to bottom, and deodorize as needed.  To stage effectively, arrange every room with the buyer in mind.  Make sure your home’s best features are seen easily and furniture is set up for a comfortable traffic flow.  Store or sell excess furniture so the house appears roomy for showings.  One idea is to stow personal items, such as grooming items, until after showings, including what’s in your bathrooms and bedroom areas.  You want the buyer to envision their own things there, and yours will remind them the house belongs to someone else.

Smart and ready.  Give your home a competitive edge when it’s time to sell.  Do your homework and present your home well to buyers.  With the right preparations and with the help of The Curtis Team, you’ll have a successful selling experience!


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