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Downsizing Your Home May Just Be the Upgrade You Need

Downsizing Your Home May Just Be the Upgrade You Need

Modern living is all about efficiency and finding ways to make life smoother. Do you know what’s not easy-breezy? Running up and down stairs, paying steadily growing bills each month, and accumulating a bunch of stuff to fill space you don’t need. Living with less space (and stuff) may just be the best choice for you and your family – both financially and qualitatively.

The Curtis Team Real Estate is here to prove why downsizing your life will be a turning point that is well worth it.

Save Some Serious Money

One of the most significant benefits of this lifestyle change is saving some serious moolah. Smaller homes are less expensive – to both buy and maintain. You’ll have smaller bills for insurance, taxes, heating, electricity – the whole gamut!

Use an online calculator like this one to help you determine how much you can afford to spend on your home. The formula uses savings, income, debt, and mortgage payments to determine the right-price home for your needs while retaining financial stability and independence.

Concerned About Finding a New House in a Hot Market?

Selling your current house in this market if it is priced right and in good condition should be an easy proposition with the tools The Curtis Team uses to get houses sold. When you close on the sale of your old house and haven’t found the right house, an option to consider is a short term rental – you wouldn’t want to rush to make a home purchase just because the market is a little crazy. Move into a temporary situation until you can secure the right house for you.

Save on Maintenance and Effort

Anyone who’s owned a home knows how much time and energy maintenance can take. Instead of spending your time cleaning and tidying a house that is more house than you need, you’ll have a manageable space that requires less upkeep. Less upkeep means more time and money for hobbies, spending time with the kids, and pursuing the things in life that matter, which will have an exponential impact on your quality of life.

And don’t get us wrong – there will be chores to do. But the number of items on your to-do list will decrease significantly and be more manageable for future spring cleanings down the line.

Save Mental Space and Energy

You’ll also have fewer things to take care of. According to Vox, we own more possessions currently than any other generation in history! And the more stuff we own, the more mental energy we devote to them. Simplify your life and free your mind by holding less stuff. The benefits of minimalism far outweigh the time and effort of decluttering.

By owning only what you need, you’ll be able to have designated space for all your items. No more tripping over belongings or having piles of stuff cluttering your floor space. Raising kids in a clutter-free, downsized space will be an invaluable learning lesson for them, as well as less work for you.

We’re not going to sugarcoat it – the first few months of downsizing will feel stressful – especially if you have kids and/or pets pets in tow. But is it worth it? A manageable space reduces bills for pretty much everything, and more money to spend on things that matter may just be the ticket to a good life. So get your moving strategies ready and follow these tips to ease into your new downsized house.

Are you looking for the perfect space to call home? Contact The Curtis Team, Central Texas’s most innovative real estate team, for all your home needs. Buy a home in the most desirable neighborhoods for a downsized, uncomplicated life. Reach out at 210-447-4855 or get in touch here. If you aren’t ready to take the next step, but have a question or two, let us know here.

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