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Buying a Home in Need of Repairs: What to Know and When to Go

Buying a Home in Need of Repairs: What to Know and When to Go

If you’re starting your search for a new home, you should know that not every house you view will be perfect. In fact, there are some pretty common repairs and problems that pop up during tours, open houses and of course, home inspections.  However, just because a home has its issues doesn’t mean you should avoid making an offer. You may just need to tweak that offer or you may need to tweak your expectations.

To keep yourself from making a big mistake and walking away from an otherwise perfect home, you should first consult with a skilled and experienced agent from The Curtis Team. Then you should use the home buying resources and tips to decide whether to stay or walk away from the sale.

How to Read Inspections

You may notice some issues during your tour but many repairs tend to show up during your home inspection. Here are some resources to help you understand those final reports:

Understanding Home Inspections

Simple Issues That Fail an Inspection

Potential Home Inspection Red Flags

Sewer Inspections for Older Houses


When Problems Arise

Knowing how to react to repairs will help you avoid any unnecessary stress or worry. An experienced agent can assist with navigating what to fix yourself and what to have the seller fix.  These resources will also walk you through the process:

Estimating the Cost of Home Updates

Tips for Negotiating Repairs With Sellers

Repair Requests Buyers Should Avoid

When to Back Out of a Home Sale


How to DIY Home Repairs

It’s usually a good idea to avoid asking sellers to fix minor issues but that doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune on those repairs. Once again, an experienced agent can help you decide what is minor.  You can use these resources to DIY too:

DIY Kitchen Cabinet Makeover Ideas

Budget-Friendly Bathroom Refresh

When to DIY and When to Hire a Pro


When a Home Sale Falls Through

 If you can’t DIY or negotiate repairs, you or the seller may end up walking away. Here are some resources to help you handle these disappointments and one to help you avoid them:

Gracefully Backing Out of a Contract

Bouncing Back From a Rejected Offer

Making the Most of Buying Contingencies

Most homes will have some wear and tear. So the trick is to know what can easily be fixed and what can’t. Then you can make your next offer with confidence!

For world-class real estate service, connect with an agent from The Curtis Team! Call 210-477-4855 or fill out this contact form.


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