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3 Workspace Solutions for Your From-Home Business

Spearheading a company from the middle of your living room coffee table may be doable. But it’s not the most desirable setup, especially when your business is growing faster than you can find your calculator in the pile of paperwork you’ve amassed.

To get organized, get serious, and get moving on your business goals, consider these three workspace solutions for working from home. Then, contact The Curtis Team to find out how they can help you make your home office dreams a reality.

Clean Up Your Corner Office

Whatever the size or area of your home workspace, overhauling its design and layout can refresh your workday, too. Think about rearranging your furniture, buying an ergonomic desk, or redecorating with a fresh coat of paint.

Even if your office spot is a walk-in closet, clever organizational hacks can help you fit everything neatly inside. When it’s time to go to work, you’ll feel more on-brand than ever.

Consider Construction as a Next Step

It can seem daunting, but physical renovations could be the fix you need for your at-home office. Finding the space to work may seem impossible, but getting creative can shed light on the possibilities.

For example, maybe your now-gloomy attic could gain new purpose with well-placed lighting for video calls and cozy area rugs to minimize noise. Or, your large family room could be divided into separate zones for school and work to accommodate both your professional needs and kids who are distance learning.

If you’re building up or out on your existing home, you may also qualify for tax breaks tied to your business, notes the Journal of Accountancy. Of course, you’ll need to document your expenses carefully and file your taxes appropriately.

On that note, filing your business documentation properly is another necessity when you’re working from home. Each state has different regulations on business filings, but forming an LLC is often the best way to remain flexible as your company grows.

At the same time, filing an LLC means lower liability and less paperwork while you handle business. Keep in mind that visiting a lawyer to initiate an LLC can be costly; going the DIY or formation service route is cheaper and often faster, too.

Homeownership as a Home Office Fix

For whatever reason, setting up a home office in your current house may not be feasible. Whether it’s a too-small rental or you just lack enough rooms (or thick enough walls) to hold Zoom calls in peace, buying a home could solve all your woes.

And when it comes to buying property, you have options – even in a bustling real estate market.

Does a Spotless New Build Feel Right?

Buying a brand-new property is appealing in numerous ways. First, your new home will be spotless; no cleaning or replacing flooring or dealing with a previous owner’s oddball color scheme.

Purchasing a brand-new home also means you won’t need to worry about expensive first-year home repairs like replacing a furnace or patching a roof, as described by Discover.

Is a Fixer-Upper Right for You?

Depending on your budget and timeline, you may even find that buying a fixer-upper is worth the investment. Especially if you can add upgrades to your mortgage amount, you might find that customizing the property to suit your business is the best move you could have made.

Of course, a fixer-upper can take time to polish up for move-in day. If your timeline for moving has some cushion, buying an as-is home may be a good deal.

Want Something Move-in Ready?

Buying a modest move-in ready home is a logical compromise between buying new and purchasing a property that needs work. A move-in ready house will have all the amenities you need to start working and living from day one, though you may want to budget for future upgrades, too.

Working from home is a stopgap measure for many employees. But entrepreneurs know that a permanent office setup is a must for serious business. Luckily, there’s a solution for every scenario. If you’re ready to find a new place to live and work, contact The Curtis Team today to see what’s recently listed near you!

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Blog courtesy of Danny Knight, Fix It Dads

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